Young mom with troubled past has died after taking her boyfriend’s pills

A young mother suffering from depression and anxiety has died after taking her boyfriend’s medication, an investigation has found.

Nichole Bartlett, 25, of Ilkeston, overdosed on January 16, 2019.

The audience was told that she had suffered from anxiety for several years and that she suffered from a troubled past.

Ms Bartlett had been with her partner, Paul Betts, for 10 years and raising her 5-year-old son, Derbyshire Live Reports.

Mr Betts said in a statement: “She told me that she was raped when she was 11 and did not tell anyone about it until she told her mother when she was dying Deputy Coroner for Derby and Derbyshire Sabyta Kaushal told the court how Miss Bartlett told her partner she suffered from a “bad childhood”.

“She has always been a private person and I don’t know of any other serious thing that has happened to Nichole before.

“A few years ago Nichole was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she took meds for them and I tried to make sure she was taking her meds, but I don’t think she was. ‘she had been taking them for a few days. “

He explained that in the months leading up to her death, Miss Bartlett was as usual and seemed comfortable with herself, but often felt weak.

The inquest heard the night of her death, around 1 a.m., Miss Bartlett had left her partner’s mother’s house, where they lived, in an “annoyed” state with a packed bag.

Her partner wasn’t aware of everything that had bothered or frustrated her, but didn’t think about it at all.

At around 11 a.m. the next morning, he went to visit her at her home and saw no sign of anyone at the house.

He found a note on the door left by Miss Bartlett that said she wanted to be with her mother.

This, he supposed, meant that Miss Bartlett had gone to visit her mother’s grave.

That evening he revisited the house, yelled through the mailbox, and finally made it through the back door and immediately went upstairs.

In a statement read to court, Miss Bartlett’s partner told police: ‘When I walked in I immediately went upstairs and saw Nichole lying face down on the bathroom floor. .

“I tried to check if Nichole was okay, I tried to turn her over but she was cold and her face was blue.”

Her sister, Katie Norman, revealed that she and her sister struggled growing up.

Ms Norman said their mother, who was an alcoholic and drug addict, did not give them the love they wanted.

She described her sister as calm and would do anything for anyone.

Coroner Kaushal concluded that Miss Bartlett had committed suicide after wanting to be with her mother.

She added that Miss Bartlett’s death was due to her partner’s taking methadone, a prescription drug that replaces heroin and is used to treat drug addicts.

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