Wiscasset announces the “ best researchers ” of the 2021 class

Wiscasset Middle High School is extremely pleased to announce that nine seniors from the class of 2021 have earned the Top Scholar distinction. To be recognized as a “top researcher,” a senior must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Valedictorian Gwenyth C. Webber is the daughter of Heather and Chris Webber from Westport Island. His many accomplishments at WMHS include the Wesleyan College Book Award for demonstrating academic leadership; the St. Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Awareness; attending the Maine Youth Leadership Seminar in its second year; a participant in the Bigelow Laboratories for Ocean Sciences Keller BLOOM program and was the class president in her first year during the senior years.

Webber also excelled in soccer and track and field, winning numerous Mountain Valley Conference titles. She was active in clubs, especially the student council and the National Honor Society. In the fall, she plans to attend Bowdoin College in Brunswick, where she will major in biochemistry with the intention of earning a doctorate in pharmacy.

Salutatorian John M. Hodson is the son of Kelly and Michael Hodson of Wiscasset. His passion for engineering has earned him a Certificate of Recognition from the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Maine for demonstrating high academic standards in a wide range of studies, as well as intellectual curiosity and achievements in and beyond. of the classroom, and he was appointed a student of engineering and architecture. of the semester at Bath Regional Career & Technical Center. He was an avid musician, playing the trombone in an orchestra, district honor orchestra, and jazz orchestra. He received the Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award. In addition, he is the bassist for the Woolwich-Wiscasset Baptist Church.

Hodson was an active and multifaceted member of the school’s drama club and served on the student council in his final year. He played soccer, tennis and track throughout his high school career. He plans to attend the University of Maine at Orono to earn a degree in electrical engineering.

Paige R. Davenport is the daughter of Heather and William Davenport of Wiscasset. She was a dedicated athlete, playing soccer and basketball from her freshman year to junior. She focused her last year on her professional interest, the health sciences. Her determination earned her semester student at Bath Regional Career & Technical Center her junior year and admission to the National Technical Honors Society for Health Science Careers her final year.

Davenport will continue his studies in human biology at the University of Southern Maine, entering the pre-medical program.

Christiana E. Easter is the daughter of Sarah Easter from Wiscasset. She enjoyed being athletic, whether on the soccer field or to cheer on the teams. She shared her passion for cheerleading as a volunteer youth coach for three years and worked at Sheepscot Valley Children’s House.

An active member of a jazz band and band, playing the flute, Easter also served on the student council. She received the Williams College Book Award for her academic performance and contributions to the school’s extracurricular life. She will be attending the University of New England in the fall to study nursing.

Brian Foye is the son of Lisa and Trevor Foye of Wiscasset. He played baseball and football from his first year to his early years, and served on the student council in grades 10, 11 and 12 and on the ball committee in his first year.

Foye’s dedication to his studies earned him the St. Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement and Social Conscience. He will attend Maine Maritime Academy in the fall to pursue studies in electrical engineering.

Eliza G. Paradis is the daughter of Shaye and Wayne Paradis of Wiscasset. She is a talented alto sax player, having performed in the District Honors group and in the jazz group from her freshman to late years. She received the John Philip Sousa Band Award and the Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award. She also received the Wellesley College Book Award for her academic achievement and her status as a visible member of the school and the community.

Paradis was a talented athlete. She played soccer and tennis throughout high school. During her junior and senior years, she served on the prom committee, directory staff and student council. His plans include the University of Maine Farmington in the fall.

Ryan D. Potter is the son of Karen and Roy Potter of Edgecomb. He excelled at baseball during all four years of high school. In his final year, he was accepted into the National Honor Society and served on student council.

In his first year, Potter completed an Emergency Medical Technician class and earned certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. He also completed a mentoring program at the Wiscasset Ambulance Service. After graduation, he will continue to work as an EMT of Wiscasset while pursuing his paramedic license.

Brooke Alanna Thayer is the daughter of Teresa and Hallis Thayer II of Whitefield. She excelled in cheerleading from her freshman year during the junior years, joining the Wiscasset team as well as the All-Star, Central Maine Elite team. She also played the clarinet for three years.

Thayer’s interest in health sciences led her to be accepted into the National Technical Honors Society of the Bath Regional Career & Technical Center during her final year. She will attend the University of Maine at Augusta to pursue associate’s studies in medical laboratory technology and a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Lily Collean Yeaton is the daughter of Jodie and Milton Yeaton from Wiscasset. A concentrated athlete, she competed in cross-country for all four years of high school. She also joined the swim team in her junior year. She loved volunteering at Morris Farm and won the Smith College Book Award in first grade for her academic achievements, leadership qualities and caring for others.

Yeaton served as class vice president in her freshman year, and was a member of the clubbing club, student council, prom committee, and the National Honor Society. She plans to attend the University of Maine at Orono with a specialization in anthropology.

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