Who do I sue for a medication label error?

Drug labels are not necessarily something that everyone looks at in detail. Many people just follow the basic instructions on the front of the package or what the pharmacist has told them. However, these instructions can sometimes be wrong or misleading. When a drug maker or pharmacist makes a mistake, people can suffer. If this happened to you, don’t hesitate to speak to a Jackson Pharmaceuticals attorney about compensation.

How Medication Label Errors Occur

Many people don’t expect a mistake on a drug label. After all, drugs in stores seem to go through rigorous testing and tedious work before being released to the public. However, this may not always be true in all cases.

Some medications are filled by pharmacists who type the instructions on the label based on the doctor’s prescription. This is the first step in the process where prescription label errors might happen. A pharmacist could make a typing error and miss a number, letter or word.

The pharmacist may also misinterpret the doctor’s handwriting and type in the wrong dosage or the wrong number of times to take the medicine. Other pharmacy employees could make the same mistake when communicating with each other or with the patient. If you ever have any questions or if something doesn’t seem right, it may be important for your safety to ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Many people don’t realize that the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is only interested in the labels of over-the-counter medications. The FDA does not monitor drug labels created by pharmacies, but leaves that oversight to individual state pharmacy boards.

Who to sue for a medicine label error

You might be wondering who you should sue for a drug labeling error, your pharmacist, your doctor, or the drug company. When it comes to product liability lawsuits, you’ll be looking for marketing flaws if the drug company is at fault. Over-the-counter drugs are more likely to fall into this category since pharmacists do not create these drug labels but simply sell them.

Suing a pharmacist can come into play when your pharmacist has created the drug label. However, this is often done based on specific instructions from your doctor. This raises the complication of whether your pharmacist made the mistake or your doctor. Either way, you might consider filing a medical malpractice claim.

Figuring out who you can sue in this situation can be difficult and requires further investigation. Don’t hesitate to contact a Jackson medical malpractice attorney to find out who you can sue. A lawyer can help you take the necessary steps for either lawsuit.

Pharmaceuticals Lawyer in Jackson

It can be difficult to determine how to prove a medication error when the manufacturer of the product is working against you. All you need to do is contact the German law firm, PLLC by dialing (607) 487-0555 to speak to a Mississippi medical malpractice attorney for a consultation today. Our legal team of lawyers can help you increase your chances of compensation for your medical expenses and loss of income. We serve customers in Jackson, Madison, Gulfport, Oxford and other Mississippi cities.

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