Vaccination, not self-medication, protects against COVID – Prof Alonge

Amid rising cases of COVID-19 infection, the chairman of the Oyo State COVID-19 Technical Working Group, Professor Temitope Alonge, has urged Nigerians to desist from the self-medication in the name of protecting oneself from COVID-19 but rather to be vaccinated.

Professor Alonge, speaking at the commissioning of the Peaceful Streams Foundation day care center for the elderly in Ibadan, said engaging in self-medication to prevent COVID-19 infection is dangerous.

According to him, “Absolutely, it’s dangerous. They can have zinc overload which can damage their kidneys and liver. Iron overload can destroy the spleen and liver. Also, an accumulation of vitamin 12 is dangerous for health.

“People take what they would naturally take from food and fruit in tablet or concentrated form. Rather, they should get vaccinated and maintain the non-pharmacological measures for infection prevention – social distancing, wearing a face mask, and washing their hands regularly – and everything will be fine. “

Professor Alonge said that in addition to getting the full vaccine, Nigerians can improve their immunity to COVID-19 by getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, getting good rest and taking plenty of fluids.

He also said a death had been recorded from Omicron, the latest strain of the COVID-19 virus, in Oyo state.

According to him, “We think it’s because he has transferred too much. He lost the power to damage. It has the ability to make the person sick, but not as bad if one is vaccinated. The vaccine does not give you 100% protection, but if it is fully immunized you are more likely to get a very mild infection that does not require hospitalization.

The donation said mass vaccination in the community is important to also reduce the number of people who will develop the severe form of COVID-19 and subsequently require hospitalization.


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