UK will have ‘flu-like’ relationship with coronavirus by year’s end, says government adviser

DStreet owner said Boris Johnson shuttled between Checkers and No 10 in March 2020 because his wife was pregnant and it was safer for the couple to be away from London.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman was asked about reports from the Tortoise news website that Mr Johnson had been commuting between his country residence and No 10 between March 16 and 27, 2020, when the councils said people should not travel for non-essential reasons.

He said: “At the time, as you know, Ms Johnson was heavily pregnant and had been placed in a vulnerable category and advised to minimize social contact, so in line with clinical guidelines and to minimize risk to her, they were based in Checkers during this period, with the Prime Minister traveling to Downing Street for work.”

The spokesperson said there would have been staff at Checkers with the couple.

He said advice on not visiting second homes only arrived on March 22, “by which time the Prime Minister and his wife were already based in Checkers, acting on guidelines clinics”.

Asked if the Prime Minister was therefore putting his wife at risk by commuting during the period, the spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister was leading the coronavirus response, the pandemic response, and online with a number of people who still had to be in work… that’s why the Prime Minister came to No 10 for the necessary work meetings.”

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