Terumo India introduces FineGlide® – a sterile pen needle for patients requiring insulin injections or other self-medication

Indiathe indian arm of Terumo Company (TSE: 4543), a global leader in medical technology, today announced the launch of FineGlide®Needle for sterile pen for patients requiring regular insulin injections or other forms of self-medication. Designed to be compatible with the most commonly available pens in India, Fineglide® raises the bar for patient comfort and, therefore, medication compliance.

Making the announcement, Managing Director of Terumo India, Mr Shishir Agarwal said, “Patient comfort and convenience are critical attributes that significantly impact patient adherence to treatment. We are excited to introduce FineGlide® to patients and healthcare providers in India as it raises the bar for patient comfort. »

It is estimated that nearly 78 million patients in India suffer from diabetes, out of which about 12% of the patients need insulin daily to manage the disease and there are also other therapies in which self-injection – pens require these needles which are used for the administration of drugs. . Elaborating more on the need, Ashit Sikka, Senior Manager: TPS – India & China said, “With an increasing number of patients requiring regular administration of sub-Q drugs for various medical conditions, the need for self-injection is increasing dramatically both in India and globally. . It is therefore important that patients/caregivers are empowered to manage medication administration accurately, yet conveniently. We believe FineGlide™ provides patients with a much-needed option. »

FineGlide® is the first product from the Life Care Solutions division of Terumo Medical Care Solutions launched in India. Designed as a 3-bevel super sharp needle with a high quality silicone surface, Fineglide™ is soft and more comfortable for patients. It is constructed with thin wall technology to ensure greater flow and provides better penetration requiring less injection force compared to other alternatives on the market. Compatible with most commonly available pens in India, Fineglide® is available in multiple sizes ranging from 4mm to 12.7mm in length and 29 to 32 gauge thickness to suit various applications.

As a Terumo Corporation offering, FineGlide® brings a 100-year legacy of trust and care. The needles are available in the Indian market in bi-package with some major pharmaceutical companies with their products requiring self-administration with a pen. Now, FineGlide® will also be available as a standalone product in all major pharmacies in India. For more details on the product visit: https://www.terumoindiaskilllab.com/products/fineglide.

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