Supply chain issues affect local pharmacies

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Supply chain shortages are everywhere these days. From retail stores to grocery stores, this could now impact your local pharmacy.

Pharmacies in Alabama are running out of prescription drugs. Some of these include heart medications, cancer medications, inhalers, and arthritis pain relievers. Even some contraceptives are late. Your pharmacy is warning you, don’t wait until the last minute to order these life-saving drugs.

“I’ve seen a deadlock on a few inhalers and some other antibiotics have been put on the back burner lately,” says Erin Fehrenbacher, pharmacist for Sparkman Pharmacy.

Sparkman Pharmacy has a few locations in Madison County that have a diverse patient population in their network, so Dr. Fehrenbacher says it’s important to maintain the drug inventory.

“It’s important to keep what we need on hand, to keep control of our inventory to make sure we are serving populations at risk, in need in the community,” Fehrenbacher continued. “We want to make sure that we are doing everything possible to reach all possible patients. ”

Dr Fehrenbacher says customers should keep in mind that most drugs are made overseas and even if this product is left on time, it can present a problem in reaching the patient in a timely manner. The fair warning is to keep ordering in advance.

“If it is something like an antibiotic at the last minute, you may have to shop around the different pharmacies,” Fehrenbacher concluded. “If it’s something like an inhaler that you take regularly, be sure to call your refill ahead of time without waiting until the last minute, so you don’t run out.”

The FDA says there are currently more than 100 drugs that are out of stock. Most pharmacies I’ve spoken to say they don’t expect the stalemate to be over until the end of this year or the start of next year.

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