Prytime Medical Announces Appointment of New Medical Director

Dr. Jeffrey H. Lawson

The addition of a seasoned medical, surgical, and device expert like Dr. Lawson will enhance our ability to support physicians whose patients require hemorrhage control and resuscitation.

Prytime Medical Inc – The REBOA Company™, the leading innovator and global provider of life-saving REBOA products for non-compressible truncal hemorrhage (NCTH), today announced the hiring of Chief Medical Officer, Jeffrey H. Lawson, MD, Ph.D.

“The new technology Prytime Medical recently developed was designed specifically to aid in the resuscitation and management of non-compressible hemorrhages,” said Dr. Jeff Lawson. “This major breakthrough has the potential to dramatically improve patient outcomes. I believe these products, along with the company’s new patient-first approach, will greatly facilitate the adoption of minimally invasive techniques in trauma and shock resuscitation. Lawson added, “As other surgical specialties have evolved over the past 20 to 30 years, this technology will allow an endovascular approach like partial REBOA to change the way patients with NCTH are treated.”

“Prytime Medical has fundamentally changed its overall strategy,” said CEO David Spencer. “Based on significant feedback from the medical community, we have launched a new catheter design called pREBOA-PROTM. This design has an easy to use manual “dimmer” capability, designed specifically for real partial REBOA, to break the previous 30 minute barrier to using REBOA. Additionally, we have implemented a new, industry-leading approach to providing fanatical clinical and program support to better help our physicians and their patients achieve successful outcomes. The addition of a seasoned medical, surgical, and device expert like Dr. Lawson will enhance our ability to support physicians whose patients require hemorrhage control and resuscitation.

Jeffrey H. Lawson, MD, Ph.D. is a physician-researcher, vascular surgeon and innovator involved in the development of vascular technologies since 1996. Dr. Lawson is a recognized leader in the field of vascular surgery and technologies translational. A medical technology veteran, Dr. Lawson served as CMO, President and CEO of Humacyte, Inc. He also founded and recently sold InnAVasc Medical to WL Gore & Associates. Dr. Lawson earned his medical degree and doctorate. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Vermont and completed her residency in General and Thoracic Surgery and Fellowship in Vascular Surgery at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Lawson has held leadership positions at Duke University Medical Center, including Professor of Surgery and Pathology, Vice President of Surgical Research, and Director of Clinical Trials for the Department of Surgery. Dr. Lawson has received funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH), the American Heart Association (AHA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the United States military (DoD), and numerous biotechnology companies and of medical devices.

About Prytime Medical Devices, Inc.

Prytime Medical™ Devices, Inc. is an innovative medical device company that designs, develops and markets minimally invasive solutions for hemorrhage control. The underlying intellectual property of REBOA was designed based on lessons learned during the war. Our latest innovations, the industry-leading ER-REBOA PLUS™, and the innovative partial REBOA catheter pREBOA-PRO™, enable both truncal hemorrhage control and simultaneously more controlled resuscitation across a much wider range clinical scenarios. pREBOA-PRO™ is the first FDA cleared REBOA catheter designed specifically for true partial REBOA. More information can be found at

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