NIOSH Science and Service Awards: the agency honors scientists and researchers | 2022-06-10

Washington – NIOSH recently recognized several individuals, teams and publications as recipients of the agency’s 2022 Science and Service Awards for their significant contributions to occupational safety and health.

Researcher Alan Echt received the James P. Keogh Award, which highlights a current or former NIOSH employee whose career “shows respect and compassion for individual workers with tireless leadership, courage and fierce determination to put knowledge into practice to improve their well-being”. being.”

An awards program says Echt “has engaged in many challenging and exceptionally challenging research projects to solve scientific problems” related to OSH. His research focused on mitigating worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica in the construction industry. In one case, he led NIOSH efforts to evaluate new tools and technologies used in repointing or repointing – the act of using grinders to remove and replace damaged mortar, which is linked to a significantly greater risk. high worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Research has produced alternatives to the use of grinders while limiting worker exposure to silica.

Three projects were recognized for their outstanding contributions to knowledge, intervention and technology as recipients of the Bullard-Sherwood Research-to-Practice Award. Respectively, the winning projects introduced engineering guidelines for shale gas wells influenced by longwall mining, guidance for preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and engineering controls for additive manufacturing/ 3D printing.

The Alice Hamilton Awards, recognizing scientific excellence in technical and educational materials by NIOSH scientists and engineers, were awarded to published studies that explored work stress, decontamination of filtering facepiece respirators, and hearing risks associated with exposure to industrial noise.

Recognized for excellence in NIOSH administrative and management support, the recipients of the Service Excellence Award are:

  • Lewis Underwood, Office of the Director (Excellence in Administration)
  • Andrea Steege, Field Studies and Engineering Division (Leadership Excellence)
  • Jennica Bellanca, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division (Leadership Excellence)
  • Kellie Pierson, Director’s Office (Workforce Development Excellence)
  • The NIOSH blueprint for action transition team and blueprint in action network (Excellence n Workforce Diversity)

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