Judge orders involuntary medication plan for Robert Dear

Robert Cher in court.

Robert dear [right].

The man accused of attacking a Planned Parenthood in Colorado may have to take drugs against his will. As part of his oft-cited court outbursts, Robert Lewis Cher63, claimed he was “not crazy“, but he will not have a say.

The judge in his federal case on Monday ordered the Bureau of Prisons to give both parties to the case its proposed treatment plan to make him competent for the trial, “including the involuntary administration of antipsychotic drugs.” The defense still has room to argue that such drugs could harm his health.

Dear opened fire on a Planned Parenthood on November 27, 2015, killing a police officer Garrett Swasey44 years old, army veteran Ke’Arre Mr. Stewart29 years old and mother of two children Jennifer Markovsky, 35, authorities said. He does not dispute that he did. He has was called a “warrior for babies”, and said he was guilty. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading abortion provider. According to testimony at a court hearing in April 2016, Dear told a detective that he did not want to be declared mentally incompetent because it would undermine his anti-abortion message.

While a slew of other cases have begun and ended since then, Dears has worked her way through state and federal courts. He was declared incompetent in both matters.

Explosions marked his court appearances, even accusing his lawyers of conspiring with Planned Parenthood, trying to “drug” him. Indeed, he called the state judge Gilbert Martinez a “dirty animal” when he was found incompetent by a state court in 2016.

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