Iron County water project under review, angering neighbors

The county of iron is seeks to channel water aquifers to the north for its growing population, but neighboring counties strongly oppose it.

The proposed plan is called the Pine Valley Water Supply Project. This will involve a series of wells, a 70-mile pipeline and other infrastructure northwest of Cedar City in Beaver County. Beaver Commission Chairman Mark Whitney said the project would impact his county and the entire Grand Bassin region.

“[Iron County] has to conserve water if they want to grow as they grow, ”said Whitney,“ don’t come to a brother county and steal it, and then plant a straw on the ground and potentially drain that aquifer and many nearby aquifers. “

The project is expected to cost around $ 260 million. Kyle Roerink, executive director of the Great Basin Water Network, said the price tag is concerning and will hurt local taxpayers.

“Whether you are an environmentalist… or you are someone fiscally conservative, you should be concerned about this project,” Roerink said. “[Also] if you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to harm their neighbors.

The water legally belongs to Iron County – they won the rights after a long legal battle. Paul Monroe, general manager of the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District, said what they were doing was not unusual.

“It’s part of the water in the West,” Monroe said. “There has always been a long-standing development of water that has brought water to where people and people are. “

As for the cost of the project, Monroe said the increase is “really not that big” for residents. He estimated the rates would increase by about $ 50 per month.

The Vallée des Pins project environmental impact study project was released on Friday and is open for public comment until February 22.

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