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Eatontown, New Jersey, Jan. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The clinic’s expanded treatment programs will help people with health-related anxiety, formerly known as hypochondria. It is a disorder in which patients have constant obsessive and irrational worries about being seriously ill, when they are actually healthy.

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By expanding the scope of its mental health services, the clinic can offer individual, couple, group, family, and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapy for people with health-related anxiety. CBT can help patients identify their health-related anxiety concerns, react differently to bodily sensations and symptoms, and learn how to cope with their stress.

The clinic’s skilled team of psychiatrists, family physicians, therapists, nurses and social workers provide patients with personalized outpatient care for their health-related anxiety. They also treat patients with depression, sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress, sexual dysfunction, suicidal tendencies, behavioral issues, and more.

A telehealth program is also available, so that patients can contact their doctor through online dating platforms on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Patients can also use the clinic’s secure HIPPA Compliant platform to participate in group therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home.

The clinic has an integrated case management program to help Monmouth County residents improve their health and overall life. In addition to providing on-site medical care, the clinic will refer patients to drug treatment centers, self-help meetings, housing programs, food aid organizations and legal experts.

The Positive Reset Mental Health Clinic has been helping Eatontown patients improve their physical and mental well-being for over a decade. He is certified by Medicare, licensed by the State of New Jersey, and accredited by the Joint Commission. The organization prides itself on its high standard of clinical care and patient satisfaction.

One satisfied patient said, “I came to Positive Reset for therapy and medication management and my entire experience was great, from booking the appointment at reception to visiting APRN Mary Jo. This place is very understanding and ready to work with you. I am now a regular at Positive Reset and will also be receiving therapy and my medication.”

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