Derbyshire pharmacies are battling drug shortages due to supply issues

A number of pharmacies in Derbyshire have experienced shortages of key medicines, including popular brands such as Beechams, Calpol and Gaviscon. National chain Imaan Healthcare says its branches in Allestree, Tupton and Bakewell are among those experiencing supply problems.

According to the company, which has more than 40 pharmacies across the country, its stores are struggling to get stock of various drugs in various health areas, including HRT, epilepsy, acne and contraception, as well than more generic drugs such as paracetamol.

This means that pharmacists now spend more time sourcing drugs from wholesalers or other branches. This in turn had a negative impact on the workload and stress levels of staff, as well as patients in the pharmacy.

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A spokesperson for Imaan Healthcare said: “The supply of most products, regardless of sector, has been affected by rising raw material costs, personnel resources, fuel costs and energy. The pharmaceutical sector has inevitably been affected by this as well.

“Furthermore, there is also the impact of Brexit which is helping to fuel the rise in these costs.”

According to Imaan Healthcare, a branch usually places an order expecting to receive it on the next delivery. But branches have recently struggled with missing and incorrect deliveries and the provision of too much or too little medicine. It says these shortages are nationwide and affect all UK pharmacies.

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