Crafton Hills College Health Sciences Program A Pathway to a Career in Nursing, Open for Enrollment by Michelle Riggs

Many future nurses debut at Crafton Hills College (CHC) and earn their Associate’s Degree in Health Sciences – just ask Amanda Edwards and Quintus Cerrillo.

Edwards and Cerrillo are both CHC alumni who began their academic careers at Yucaipa College. After getting their CHC prerequisites, they moved to four-year universities and earned their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Registration is now open for CSC’s fall classes, which begin August 16, and, according to Director of Institutional Advancement Michelle Riggs, demand for the health sciences program has increased this year.

“Nursing is always the biggest demand we receive at CSC, but this year we’ve seen tremendous interest in our health sciences program for fall 2021,” said Riggs. “I think a lot of people previously didn’t know you could get all of your nursing prerequisites here at CSC, but now the secret is out. “

Students who dream of rewarding careers in healthcare can learn from Edwards. After graduating from CHC, Edwards moved on to Loma Linda University (LLU), where she graduated Cum Laude and began working at the hospital’s Cancer Center. She is now pursuing her PhD at LLU and thanks the CHC for helping put her on the path to success.

“The sciences at Crafton are top notch – universities in the area, including Loma Linda and the University of California, Riverside, look to Crafton students and can expect them to be well prepared for their programs. ” she said. “Medicine, nursing, radiology and other highly affected programs and fields require the critical thinking and preparation that CHC offers. “

Cerrillo, who also graduated Cum Laude from his bachelor’s degree program, agreed.

“The CHC really prepared me for my future. The staff were amazing, ”Cerrillo said. “The best education I received was from my teaching staff at CSC. These courses built a knowledge base that prepared me to excel in a nursing program.

The Associate of Science degree in Health Sciences can lead to other rewarding careers in medicine including dental hygienist, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, medical assistant and many more .

“The CSC Health Sciences program is truly a great pathway to a ton of incredible opportunities in healthcare,” said Riggs. “It’s a great choice for a caring student willing to promote health and serve their community. “

Enrollment for fall 2021 has already started and many students have already started enrolling in the Health Sciences program. CHC students can access many perks included in their tuition fees, including free classes in all subjects, bus transportation, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Chromebooks available at checkout. Most courses and services will be offered on campus, although there are also hybrid and online courses at CHC for the fall semester.

For those interested in learning more about how to launch a career in nursing at CHC, visit: index.php.

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