COVID-19 ‘super immunity’ can be accessed by two routes, new study finds

PORTLAND, OR – A new study indicates that there are two routes to what scientists consider to be “super immunity” against COVID-19. Both are equally effective, according to the study.

The study, published in the journal Sciences Immunology, was conducted by scientists at Oregon Health Science University.

“It makes no difference if you get infected and then vaccinated, or if you get vaccinated and then have a breakthrough infection,” says co-senior author and assistant professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the OHSU Fikadu Tafesse School of Medicine. .

“In either case, you’ll get a really, really robust, incredibly high immune response.”

Tafesse says he’s not advocating for people to be intentionally infected. On the contrary, he says it’s always important to get vaccinated, get boosted and if you end up with a breakthrough infection, you’ll be in better shape.

“The likelihood of getting breakthrough infections is high because there’s so much virus around us right now,” Tafesse said.

“But we position ourselves better by getting vaccinated. And if the virus comes, we will have a milder case and end up with this super immunity.”

This study is based on the one whose results were published by the OHSU in December.

The new paper says “super immunity” is at least 10 times more effective than simple vaccination.

“Vaccination combined with immunity to infection almost always provides very strong responses,” says one of Tefesse’s colleagues, Dr. Curlin, associate professor of medicine (infectious diseases) at the School of Medicine of the OHSU and OHSU Director of Occupational Health.

“These results, along with our previous work, point to a time when (COVID-19) could become a predominantly mild endemic infection as a seasonal respiratory tract infection, rather than a global pandemic.”

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