Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Pharmacies to print hard copies of vaccine passes

People are advised to call ahead if they want a pharmacy to print a hard copy of their immunization card, as not all pharmacies offer the service. Photo / 123RF

People who cannot get their immunization card online can now go to a pharmacy to have a hard copy printed.

This is one of the new channels offered by the Ministry of Health to help people access their Covid-19 vaccine passes.

Over 300 pharmacies are listed on Healthpoint as offering vaccinations and many will also print or email vaccination cards to people.

Some have not yet implemented the service, so people are advised to call ahead to verify.

Liv, of Unichem Wellington Central Pharmacy, said that since the pass printing started yesterday, around 50 people have entered and used the service.

“We’ve had quite a few people, not so many that we can’t keep up with and we can still stay on top of our other pharmacy practices, but it’s been a pretty constant flow over the last few days.”

Many of those people struggled to use the technology to download their own pass or had international IDs that couldn’t be used to access their My Health account online, she said.

In Auckland, Unichem Broadway Pharmacy also started offering the My Vaccine Pass service yesterday and had a busy Saturday morning to issue passes.

Further south, Life Pharmacy Papakura had yet to implement the service, but said it would offer it from the end of next week.

People need their National Health Index (NHI) number to get the vaccine pass, which the pharmacy can then print out or email.

People can use the My Covid Record website or call 0800 222 478 to request a physical copy of their pass.

The head of the Department of Health’s national digital services group, Michael Dreyer, said call centers faced “unprecedented demand”, with more than 70,000 calls to the 0800 number as of Thursday alone.

There are now three call centers operating with extended hours to help people wanting to set up their My Covid record, verify their NHI number or generate their My Vaccine Pass, which can be recorded digitally or published or emailed.

The Department of Health has issued more than 2 million passes to more than 50% of fully vaccinated people in New Zealand.

My Vaccine Pass, which is an official record of a person’s Covid-19 vaccine status, will help people gain access to places in New Zealand that require proof of vaccination under the new Covid protection framework that will be implemented. works at 11:59 a.m. on December 2.


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