CDC Approves Covid Vaccine Booster Injections for All Adults

Health officials in many of those countries, and now the United States, see booster shots as a way to bolster defenses against a stubborn enemy and gain the upper hand in the pandemic. France, for example, has made reminders mandatory for people over 65 who wish to obtain a health passport allowing access to public places.

“Look at what other countries are doing now to adopt a recall campaign for virtually everyone,” Dr Anthony S. Fauci, the Biden administration’s top Covid adviser, said at a conference Tuesday. “I think if we do it, and we seriously do it, I think by the spring we can have some pretty good control of it.”

In the United States, infections have increased by 33% on average over the past two weeks, to 94,000 per day. The CDC’s decision landed just as Americans prepare to spend the holidays with family and friends, gatherings that could accelerate the trend.

Injections can help prevent at least some infections, especially in older people and those with certain health conditions. But many experts, including some who advise federal agencies, are skeptical that boosters alone can turn the tide.

The additional injections are unlikely to provide much benefit to adults under 65, who remain protected against serious illness and hospitalization with the initial vaccination, experts said.

“Overall protection remains high in severe illness and hospitalization,” CDC epidemiologist Dr. Sara Oliver told the science advisers meeting on Friday.

What’s more, tens of millions of Americans haven’t even received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine. In the United States, as in Europe, deep pockets of vaccine-resistant adults are likely to prolong the pandemic, no matter how well protected their neighbors are.

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