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Adopt emerging technologies | IT health news

The development and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and digital healthcare platforms are continuing research interests for Sujoy Kar. With a background in clinical microbiology, he went on to graduate from the Indian Statistical Institute and the MIT Sloan School. Dr Kay is currently an adjunct faculty member …

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Dr Theisz shares tips for staying healthy

Over the past year and a half, most health concerns have revolved around the Covid-19 pandemic. While this remains a concern, it is essential that other aspects of health and wellness are not overlooked. Dr Gordon Theisz of Family Medicine at Falls Church said the main things people can do …

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Company launches drones from roof of shopping mall

Alphabet Inc.’s drone subsidiary Wing is experimenting with launching its aircraft from the roof of an Australian shopping center just steps from stores providing goods for delivery. Wing LLC has made more than 2,500 deliveries from a shopping center in Logan City to neighboring areas south of Brisbane, the company …

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