Beautician with back pain is paralyzed just a day after A&E discharged her with IBS medication

Jodie Cox, a beautician from Ketley, was just 25 when she was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer

In January 2021, Jodie Cox, a beautician from Ketley, attended A&E with complaints of back pain. Within 18 hours of being discharged on IBS reliever medication, Jodie was completely paralyzed from the waist down.

Alone, due to Covid restrictions, the 27-year-old received the devastating news that she was not only battling aggressive bone cancer, but would never walk again.

His partner Luke Kaleta, 28, said: “It all happened very quickly. She FaceTimed me and my mom to tell us about the tumor and then we didn’t hear from her for the rest of the day as she was rushed into surgery. It was incredibly difficult.

Because of her paralysis, Jodie needs round-the-clock care. Since her diagnosis, Luke has given up his job as a contractor to take care of her.

Now Jodie’s in-laws are raising funds to regain their independence as they adjust to their new life.

The family hope the money raised will go towards physiotherapy costs, wheelchair adaptations and access to spinal cord injury specialists who are not currently funded by the NHS.

Jodie’s father-in-law Phil Kaleta and his friend Neil Weston will kick off the fundraising efforts with a staggering 182 mile trip in just 24 hours.

‘Jodie’s Journey’ will consist of a 130 mile bike ride and two consecutive marathons, covering the hospitals in Manchester, Oswestry and Birmingham which treated Jodie, before ending at the Wrens Nest in Ketley on October 9, for a fundraiser daytime.

Natalie Kaleta, Jodie’s mother-in-law, wrote on their fundraising page: “Throughout this battle, Jodie showed more concern for her loved ones than for herself. Faced with the option of giving up, she chose to fight for her life.

“The list of pains, obstacles and traumas is too long to comprehend let alone explain. Please donate to help our beautiful and inspiring Jodie get the most out of life she can get.”

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