10 Recent Moves by Healthcare Disruptors

From offering grants to support rural hospitals to new features that support telehealth, disruptors continue to scale their healthcare projects.

Here are 10 disruptive healthcare moves in March:

  1. Microsoft has launched Azure Health Data Services, a service that brings data from clinical and medical technology application programming interfaces so that they can be visualized together in data visualizations. Microsoft also announced its partnership with Cognizant, an information technology company, which will partner with Microsoft’s cloud for healthcare to communicate patient health data to providers.
  2. Samsung offered rural hospitals, which struggled to afford enterprise telehealth software, grants to access suitable funding.
  3. CVS Health has filed a trademark application to bring the health services it provides through its in-store clinics, telehealth platform, and non-emergency medical treatment services to the Metaverse.
  4. Google Care Studio has been extended with Conditions, a feature that uses natural language processing to provide doctors with a dynamic list of conditions extracted from patient records.
  5. Verizon has expanded its BlueJeans telehealth platform to include new partner integrations and new data sources.
  6. Microsoft Teams has added new features to better support telehealth visits.
  7. Walmart said it plans to hire 50,000 new employees by the end of April to expand its health and wellness teams.
  8. Morgan Health has invested $5 million in a physician-led analytics company.
  9. Samsung has introduced the 4K QLED Smart Healthcare TV which can display caregiver schedules and details.
  10. LG has opened its third innovation center for health technologies.

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